We believe in sharing the love

We want to show our gratitude for choosing us, so here are some additional benefits we have agreed just for you.

Gym Discount

If you are one of our parents you will get a discount off of your monthly gym fees and classes at Sidcup Sports Club. This is a bright well equipped gym that you pass on your way to us and of course you have full use of the car park while you are getting fit!

Kids Reptile Razzamatazz Party

We ask Chris from Reptile Razzamatazz to visit the children every now and then, the session is an absolute favourite. The childrens faces are a joy to watch. A Rise 'N' Shine parents discount of  5% will be available for  those special birthday parties. It will be a day no-one forgets!

Martial Arts Offer

Martial Arts sessions outside of nursery hours are available at our venue. Karate is the best suited to little children to encourage self confidence and discipline as well as a lot of fun of course.  Instructors are fully insured, DBS certified and run their own classes at our venue every week. Sign up for childrens or adults session mentioning us and you will get an exclusive offer for being introduced by Rise & Shine. 

Private Tennis Lessons

Treat yourself and/or your children to top quality tennis lessons  and not just for Wimbledon week! Or arrange a childrens  tennis party so they can get fit before the jelly and ice cream.

Yoga Classes

Another ad hoc session the children can enjoy is Yoga. Why not come along to one of Mandy's sessions and enjoy a special offers exclusively for our clients.

Rugby & Cricket Offers 

Being in the grounds of a sports club has it's advantages! Look out for special deals and events for our parents and children if you are one of the Rise & Shine team. 

We're so looking forward to meeting you :

We are so looking forward to meeting you and your little one/s so you can see for yourself the wonderful facilities that are available to your family.

When you arrive......

 Sit down and catch up.

We  can discuss you and your childs needs and explain how we can meet them whilst sitting in our brand new reception with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

And relax !



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