We have spaces available now! Please ring 0208 300 9000 to book an appointment to view our nursery. We take 15 & 30 hours funding for both 2 & 3 year olds.
We have spaces available now!Please ring 0208 300 9000 to book an appointment to view our nursery.We take 15 & 30 hours funding for both 2 & 3 year olds. 

Successful launch day, with over 100 visitors to view our amazing setting.



For bookings and viewings please call Liz or Stacey on

0208 300 9000. 

why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Early development is fundamental to the growth of your child at Rise & Shine childrens nursery in Sidcup 


When it comes to your children, nothing less than the highest standards will do. Our childrens nursery and pre-school , which welcomes children from 3 months to 5 years from 07.30 to 18.30 Monday to Friday, will provide a safe environment for your child to explore his or her full potential.


The curriculum  at Rise & Shine will be of the highest standard, exploring the skills, abilities and needs of your child and allowing them to bloom both as an individual and as a team spirited adventurer!


If you’re looking for a childrens nursery in Sidcup or a pre-school in Sidcup look no further than Rise & Shine!


A nurturing and creative environment encourages confidence and improved learning


We want to promote personal development of your children to prepare them as best we can for the challenges that lie ahead in life. Our staff consists of experienced, certified and continually trained educators, with your childs best interests at heart.


We are there for your child and for you


Rise & Shine nursery in sidcup have the wellbeing of your children at the very centre of everything we do. We will work with you to offer them a secure and comfortable experience.


We  will take care of your children with love and commitment both in early years eductation at our nursery in Sidcup right through to our pre-school .


Our aim is not only to achieve the excellent standards asked of us by OFSTED, but to exceed them in everyway we are able, turning out well balanced, confident children full of the skills and positivity to be best placed for whatever exciting opportunities the future holds in store for them.


With a brand new environment your child will be able to be one step ahead of the others with best practices being applied from the very start of their educational journey. No expense has been spared to equip the nursery with the highest quality toys and learning equipment. We are are taking full advantage of the very latest technology to ensure that every possible minute of our nursery staffs time is spent on your childs future outcome instead of on administration, as well as ensuring that you as parents can access you childrens progress whenever it is convenient to you.

 Our foundation education will encourage your children to soar with ambition and enthusiasm, and have a personalised toolbox fashioned to their own personality and abilities.


They will leave us with you knowing that they will be in the very best position to face all the challenges ahead of them..........and be


"the very best me I can be" 


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Rise & Shine is a trading name of Cool Ginger and Co Ltd