Our policies are designed to reflect the framework  within which we operate on a day to day business and underpin all of the procedures that we work to.


Whilst here at Rise & Shine Daycare Nursery and Preschool we have many policies referring to all elements of nursery life, we have listed those we feel our parents/carers would be most interested in.


Feel free to have a read through and familiarise yourself with them. They are also available in our nursery reception.


If you wish to discuss any of our policies, even those not listed here, please speak to Donna our Nursery Manager who will be happy to help.


Please contact us on 0208 300 9000 0208 300 9000 or use our contact form.

We're so looking forward to meeting you :

We are so looking forward to meeting you and your little one/s so you can see for yourself the wonderful facilities that are available to your family.

When you arrive......

 Sit down and catch up.

We  can discuss you and your childs needs and explain how we can meet them whilst sitting in our brand new reception with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

And relax !



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Rise & Shine is a trading name of Cool Ginger and Co Ltd