We have spaces available for 2021 Please ring 0208 300 9000 to book an appointment to view our nursery. We take 15 & 30 hours funding for both 2 & 3 year olds.
We have spaces available for 2021Please ring 0208 300 9000 to book an appointment to view our nursery.We take 15 & 30 hours funding for both 2 & 3 year olds. 

Oh, we are very ambitious !

Inside Space

Large reception area, no waiting outside in the rain. Safe, dry handover to our friendly nursery staff.

And if you have time, why not catch up with other parents with  a nice cuppa  

Outside Space

Set in a little bit of calm , we are lucky to enjoy peaceful surroundings and a fantastic open outlook. As well as our own outdoor play areas we have full access to the pitches and fields for a good runaround or raucus sports day and private access to a swing park without needing to leave the grounds.

The outlook is bounded by trees and lightly wooded areas so great for mini-bug activities.

Keeping Safe

During the nursery hours, there is no other access beyond the door of our new  reception to anyone other than our acredited nursery employees.  CCTV records of access identity are retained for security for a 30 day period. 

There is also no direct access to traffic or roads from the nursery.

Keep In Touch

If you want to subscribe we offer a full text or email notification of events as they happen throughout your childs day. It may be to advise they have taken their medication,  what they have had for dinner, the activity they are enjoying or for the younger ones that they have just woken up from a lovely warm nap!

Buggy Shelter

No need to leave your pram/buggy outside in the rain. We provide a weather shelter for use whilst you drop off and pick up.

Onsite Sports Days

You are all invited to Sports Days, there is no restriction on numbers, so siblings, granny and grandad can come too. All are welcome. 

We're so looking forward to meeting you :

We are so looking forward to meeting you and your little one/s so you can see for yourself the wonderful facilities that are available to your family.

When you arrive......

 Sit down and catch up.

We  can discuss you and your childs needs and explain how we can meet them whilst sitting in our brand new reception with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

And relax !



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