At Rise and Shine we aim for every child to reach their full potential through play-based learning, exploring the world around them.


Working from the guidelines set in the 7 areas of Learning from the Early Years Foundation stage framework children will learn holistically through their chosen interests.


Children use their own voice using the child centered approach to plan fun activities to extend from what they already know.


All children’s uniqueness, efforts and achievements should be recognized, valued and celebrated.

Play based learning enables children and adults to plan and develop experiences indoors and outdoors developing lifelong skills through every day play.


At Rise and Shine day nursery and Preschool communication is Key and with that we take time to listen to the children, encouraging conversation and discussions in order to develop social and

language skills.

Rise and Shine’s Ethos

We are a Unique Nursery and Preschool for 3 months – 5 years set in the grounds of the Sidcup Private Sports club.


Our Nursery and Preschool are lucky to have very large spaced out rooms with air conditioning and a fabulous outdoor area in order for all children to enjoy, learn and develop through play.


We aim for all children to receive the highest quality care creating a positive difference to ensure we instil the love of learning in order for them to achieve at their very best .


We demonstrate  a child – centred approach following the Early Years Foundation Framework which enables us to plan holistically for every child meeting all the needs of all children .

On leaving Rise and Shine Nursery and Preschool the children would have achieved their best from our curriculum and the 7 areas of learning.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Children’s personal Social and Emotional development (PSED) is crucial for children to lead happy an healthy lives, which in turn is fundamental to their cognitive development.


When leaving  Rise and Shine Nursery and Preschool we want the children to feel safe and secure in our warm environment, formed social skills by developing positive relationships, to have confidence in their own abilities and  to have developed the ability to know right from wrong, respecting different cultures and beliefs, following rules and boundaries.


What we do;

Build a strong relationship with parent/ carers and children through our settling approach,  handovers and parent meetings.
We support and encourage children on how to understand their feelings through our feelings activity periodically throughout the week.


We support and encourage to know their own voice by using our plan do and review, making them feel valued and building on their self esteem, collaborating with adults and their peers.
Being supported in developing a positive sense of themselves mindfulness, Social interaction, playing and learning cooperatively, managing their own behaviour appropriately, Awareness of needs and feelings of others.

Communication and Language.

When leaving Rise and Shine we want the children to have developed their confidence in expressing themselves in a language rich environment ,  turn-taking during conversation knowing the importance of listening to others during interaction.


Being able to express and share their point of view, initiating conversation during small group times with adults and their peers.


Communicating in a way that they know, turn-taking, Storytelling and Rhyme time, understanding, developing talking and listening skills, commenting, labelling during play extending language, giving children time to respond.

What we do: Small group discussions, planning activities supporting children’s interest , building on vocabulary through engagement and interaction.

We sit in our key groups and plan from the children, listening to each child’s ideas , turn- taking in listening and talking, implementing resources from the child’s choice of play and extending on their knowledge through our observations.

Physical Development

At Rise and Shine, we want the children to be active, interactive and to have developed their fine and gross motor skills, learning spatial awareness, understand what our bodies can do and feel.


Through this, we support and encourage:

Balance and coordination
Manipulation using a variety of tools, confidence in moving in a variety of ways.
How our bodies work
Being healthy
Managing their own basic hygiene and personal needs.


What we do:

We create and provide opportunities in our daily planning which ensure that gross and fine motoring skills are considered during the activities.


It is crucial for all children to be offered opportunities to develop life – long love of reading, developing and learning early comprehension and language skills, being able to articulate and draw/ write using symbols,  letters and through sound to convey meaning to word.


Storytelling, reading, writing and drawing , developing fine motor skills, linking sounds and letters.


What we do;

At Rise and Shine we encourage parent/ carers to share books with their children; using our lending library allows the freedom of choice to explore and discover their favorite stories to share at home.


We have a quiet reading area inside and outside as well as a dramatic story book corner using our story sacks with visual props to encourage attention and engagement.


We offer a variety of mark making tools and materials indoor and outdoor including our mud kitchen and water display, large chalk boards inside and out, learning letters and number sounds through play.


At Rise and Shine we aim for children when they leave to develop an understanding of numbers, count confidently, recognizing 2D and 3D shapes, knowing the concepts of sinking and floating materials, measuring, weighing, knowing capacities, problem solving through experiences and most of all inheriting mathematical language through every day play.


Mathematical ideas related vocabulary, problem solving, numbers, measuring and directional instructed games.


What we do:

At Rise and Shine we implement resources covering the elements of maths needed through the child’s chosen activity such as number rhyme time, number games, shape boards, directional IT props and puzzles, discovering shapes in and around their environment, filling and emptying, measuring

and mixing a variety of malleable materials, building construction using a variety of resources offered to discover height, weight, volume and capacity, puzzles to understand what fits in what shape.

Understanding the world.

When leaving, Rise and Shine offer opportunities to all children to have had a range of experiences, building on knowledge and a sense of the world around them and what happens outside their world.

Curiosity, problem solving, critical thinking, using tools, calculation, IT, People and places.


What we do;

We encourage children to have discussions from the world they know from home and outside experiences such as holidays, special visits and what happens and why things happen in the world they live in, through small group discussions.

We celebrate all different backgrounds; exploring cultures, celebrating festivals, learning about life-cycles, recycling and how to keep our environment safe.

Expressive Arts and Design.

When leaving Rise and Shine all children would have had opportunities to be able to explore and discover all our resources.

By the time they leave the children would have experienced all types of different materials to develop all skills needed to build on imagination, creating art and designing their own masterpieces, learning how to express themselves through music and movement and experience in all role play activities .

Heuristic play, loose parts play, art and crafts, experiments, music, dance, role play and outdoor play.

What we do :

At Rise and Shine the children enjoy the use of our large Dojo room with a variety of large space to develop upon their gross motor skills, including music and movement time and the use of our large physical equipment and climbing wall.

Children are also offered daily opportunities to engage with a variety of media and materials, music, experience outdoor play and more recently, we’ve implemented the use of loose parts play buckets.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any aspect of our curriculum with you, just give us a call on 0208 300 9000

We're so looking forward to meeting you :

We are so looking forward to meeting you and your little one/s so you can see for yourself the wonderful facilities that are available to your family.

When you arrive......

 Sit down and catch up.

We  can discuss you and your childs needs and explain how we can meet them whilst sitting in our brand new reception with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

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