Settling In

Putting your child's feelings first


Your child will have formed a strong bond with you and will need the support and time to form another strong bond with our nursery staff. If you left after just ten minutes it would not be a surprise if they became clingy or frightened. That is why the settling in period is so important and will be tailored to each child individually. 


Settling in will be a gradual process where sessions will increase over time, free of charge, until your child feels comfortable and safe.


We will allow plenty of time to introduce your little one to their Key Worker, familiarise themselves with their surroundings and gently pave the way to their weekly routine.


Parents can relax in our reception area with refreshments until the team feel your child is happy to be left for longer periods which will include meal and sleep times.


All children adapt differently, however we would recommend a minimum of 4 sessions for a comfortable settling in period.




We're so looking forward to meeting you :

We are so looking forward to meeting you and your little one/s so you can see for yourself the wonderful facilities that are available to your family.

When you arrive......

 Sit down and catch up.

We  can discuss you and your childs needs and explain how we can meet them whilst sitting in our brand new reception with a nice cup of tea or coffee.

And relax !



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